Thank You…

 Muchas gracias… Thank You.

KnECT – Knox Elora Congregation is Terrific or Knox Elora Care Thanks you.

KnECT would like to say a big “thank you”  to the congregation of Knox Elora for all your help and support.  For the last 14 years the people of Knox Elora have been a huge support to KnECT and the work it does both locally and internationally.  Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do.  So, THANK YOU!    

Supporting our Fundraisers.

Thank you to those who support our fundraisers.  Thanks for golfing in the rain or near freezing temperatures EVERY year.  Thanks for getting into flour and sugar eyeball deep when we make pies and thanks for sitting through some excellent, not so good and perhaps even boring movies on Family Day.


Thanks to those of  you who continue to come out and get blisters during Help with your Home.  For the painting, raking, weeding, cleaning and yard waste removal.  We appreciate it.    

Gracias for the monetary donations you gave to our Habitat for Humanity build in Guelph and thanks to those who risked their lungs to help sand the drywall at the build in Fergus.  

Thanks for cleaning out your closets, linen cupboards and shoes cupboards for  the Salvation Army Coat Drive.

Danke to those who lug 1-2 pounds of food into Church every Sunday for the CW Foodbank.  We also appreciate your donations so that we can contribute money each month as well as support the Turkey Drive at the end of the year.  

Thanks to those of you who continue to show up in your Wellies and get waist deep in ditch water to do the Roadside Clean Up and to those of you who braved freezing cold to help marshall the Santa Claus Parade.

Mahalo, to those of you who continue to brave The Door Youth Centre each month when we clean it.  You never know what you may find. Also to those who helped make snacks for the students, and baked treats.

Merci, for showing up in the hot sun and giving up your July 1st holiday to help with the 5K & 10K walk/run and Dominion Day Dashes.  The monies raised over the years went to The Door, Kathie Hammond Literacy Fund and Community Living.

Grazie for monetary donations made to our local fund.  These monies were given to the Rotary Club for the Accessibility Park and we were able to help a family with the funeral expenses during the loss of a child.

Arigato for those of you who bring your appetites to our International Dinners.  The monies raised helps towards our international missions.  

Thank you for staying after Church on Sunday to enjoy our fair trade coffee.

Thank you for all your baking, we were able to provide desserts for the Christmas Dinner hosted by Hooligan’s for people with no family or nowhere to go on Christmas Day.


Internationally thanks for helping us…….

Purchase 4 Hairdressing kits ($25 ea) to teach Nicaraguan woment a trade in order to earn a living;

Purchase a propane stove ($250) for the Feeding Centre in Xiloa;

Provide monthly financial support ($150) to the Feeding Centre in Xiloa in order to buy oil , salt and propane;

Provide money monthly, ($75) for medication for a young woman who is epileptic;

Donate ($200) in order to help build a family a home (Francisca)

Help a young boy sick with Cancer with travel costs ($100) so he could receive Cancer Treatments

Donate ($500) to La Mascota Women’s Hospital in memory of Lawrie Smith’s sister, Brenda Smith

Add two school rooms to the Genesis Church in Managua in 2003 on the mission, “Open the Eyes of My Heart”;

Provide dental care to approximately 300 nicaragual people in 2004 on the mission, “Operation Open Wide”;

Build a Church in Xiloa, in 2006 on the mission;

Build a Church in Masaya in 2008 on the mission, “Feed the Families”;

Build a Feeding Centre in Xiloa in 2011 on the mission;

Host a bbq (footlong hotdog, cake) for the families of our 2011 build;

Build a Children’s Centre in Ticuantepe in 2014 on the mission;

Provide beanie babies, warm blankets and premie hats to the NIC Unit at La Mascota Children’s hospital;

Build a home for PAN foreman Mauricio and his family in 2015;

Provide a bed, pillows and blankets for a family in the centre of Managua;

Provide endless school and art supplies to the Public School in Tipi Tapa;

Purchase 800 pounds of food (rice, beans, sugar and flour) for 40 families + PAN families in Masaya;

Purchase 1500 pounds of food  (rice, beans, sugar, maseca, corn and cooking oil) for 100 families in Xiloa;

Purchase 500 pounds of food to distribute to the workers that helped and the families of Ticuantepe.

Provide toys and crafts to the boys and the girls at the REMAR orphanages and also host a pizza and ice cream party for them;

Provide stuffed animals, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, etc to children at The Children’s Cancer Hospital;

Provide a dental autoclave (sterilizer), supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste to the Medical/Dental Clinic in El Viejo;

Paint a room in the Clinic at El Viejo;

Purchase 2 medical packs containing approximately $2,000.00 each of medicine to the Medical/Dental Clinic in El Viejo;

Purchase 2 medical packs containing approximately $2,000.00 each of medicine to the hospital in Managua;

Support a woman financially to return her home after the death of her son and to pay for his funeral;

Provide our translator Samuel with animals to farm his own food; (pig)

Purchase Bibles for the people of Nicaragua;

Donate money to an elderly gentleman in order to receive Cancer surgery and treatments;

Donate money to send a shipping container full of goods to the Dominican Republic;

Donate money to P.A.N. to send a shipping container full of goods to Nicaragua;

Provide prisoners with care packets which included, chips, cookies, a drink, deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, gum and flip flops;

Provide medical supplies and rubber gloves to the Women’s Cancer Hospital;

Providing at least 6000 pounds of clothing to donate;

Providing monetary donations in order for us to build these projects;

Purchase ice cream sandwiches for Mauricio’s baseball team and provide them with some equipment;

Provide medication to Omar, a very sick boy in Xiloa, who needed a kidney transplant;

Project Welcome with some donations given to us, we in turn gave the money to Project Welcome.


Other help

Donation in memory of Lawrie Smith’s sister, Brenda, to the hospital.

Donation to the Children’s Hospital from Aileen’s School  – Orangeville District Secondary School