Nicaragua Mission – 2006

A team of 15 went to Managua, Nicaragua to build walls for an existing Church in the Xiloa region of Nicaragua.  The first day of the build, the footings were put in and the team was just beginning to move the blocks into position.  The days passed with lots of hard work and when the team left for home, only the Church roof was left to be completed.  It was completed in two weeks by people the team hired to do the work.  While in Nicaragua the team also visited places such as the city dump, different hospitals and the boys and girls orphanages.  The Nicaraguan people from the Church and community were thrilled to receive all the clothing donations the team had brought with them.  Before the team left for home, they held their first Church service within the newly built walls.  There were many tears of love and happiness shared by all who attended. See photos.

Our God is an awesome God and his light shines through all those who follow His word through missions.

Our team consisted of:  Jim, Jennifer, Cindy, Lawrie, Nichole, Randi, Kees, Adam, Evan, Susan, Laura T, Ken and Joan.

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