Mission – Nicaragua 2003 
”Open the Eyes of My Heart”

Early in the morning of July 26, 2003, a bleary-eyed group of sixteen, with an age group from teenager to retired seniors, along with thirty-two hockey bags full of supplies and clothing, boarded a bus bound for Toronto Airport.  The team flew from Toronto to Houston, had a few hours wait and then continued to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.

The main project was building a 20 ft. x 30 ft. cement block addition onto an existing Church called Genesis.  It was located in the Waspan Barrio of Managua.  It involved many hard hours of: mixing cement by hand, cutting forms with hand saws, digging a level floor, bending rebar and pouring cement using a bucket brigade.

Other activities included:  Bible clubs, visiting orphanages and hospitals, helping people with medical problems, distributing donated clothes and supplies, taking part in Church services and a bit of sight seeing.  We stayed in somewhat comfortable accommodations and ate very well.  On the August 5th, we said our tearful goodbyes and boarded our flight back to Houston and Toronto.

Overall, it was an amazing and humbling experience for all.  Many would like to return.

Our theme for the trip was “Open the Eyes of My Heart”.  We definitely had the eyes of our hearts opened by our Awesome God!

Our team consisted of:  Jennifer, Jim, Cindy, Lawrie, Doris, Harold, Glen, Jean, Emily I, Rachel, Donna, Joan, Ken and Kees.  

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