2017 – Nindiri Homes

A small group of ten people, Jim, Jennifer, Lawrie, Cindy, Joan, Nichole, Michael, Luke, Al and Aileen travelled to Nicaragua to build two homes in one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua.  The homes were built in the dump region of Nindiri.  Ten days, warm temperatures, two homes and two happy families later our homes were complete.  Each family was blessed to receive three new beds, dish towels, towels, clothes, shoes, household items and food.  From the look on their faces and the tears in their eyes, they were extremely happy with their new little homes.

While in Nicaragua, the group  visited the REMAR Orphanage to play a game of soccer against the children.  Toys, and sports balls were left for the children.  A visit was also made to the Prison in Nindiri to distribute care packages and milk bag mattresses to those in jail.  Another visit was made to a new medical centre in the region of Tipi Tapa.  Special packages that were made by members of Knox Elora were left for premature babies.   Some members visited the Cancer Hospital in Managua and visited with patients receiving chemotherapy.  Silk scarves were given to the patients to put on their bald heads.  These scarves were a big hit with the women but surprisingly they were a bigger hit with the men.  Our members left feeling hopeful and happy that they were able to bring a little joy into the lives of these people suffering from such a terrible disease.  

Nichole, with the help of some others, held crafts and games for the children of the region.  Each afternoon, Nichole would have a craft planned out for the children to make.  The children would smile and create their crafts with love.  At the end of our week each child in attendance was treated to an ice cream cone.  We purchased a total of 86 ice creams for a total of approximately $18.00.  What a bargain.  The children were thrilled and so was the ice cream man.  

Our trips include some sightseeing on a Sunday since it is a no work day in Nicaragua.  This year we zip-lined at the Mombacho Volcano and had a picnic lunch at Caterina Lagoon.  Our last day in Nicaragua was spent de-compressing at Barcelo, Montelimar Resort for the day.  We were able to dip our toes into the Pacific Ocean while trying to put things in perspective.  

Each member of the team leaves Nicaragua with a heavy heart.  We leave behind old friends as well as new ones.  We are blessed to be able to provide support to our friends in Nicaragua but more importantly we are so lucky to learn from these wonderful Nicaraguan people.