2015 Mission – Mauricio’s Home

In 2015 PAN Missions put out a call to all the mission groups they normally work with.  Who could help build their foreman Mauricio a home?  Unfortunately, the timing did not work out for most of our members but Aileen did answer the call.  She joined forces with Annette, Don, Doug, Paula, Dave, Kurt and Sandy.  It was a small but mighty team.  

The plan was to find land and build a home for Mauricio, his wife and their two children.  After a few months of scouting different locations, land was purchased and our travel was set.  August was the month.   Monetary donations as well as clothing, schools supplies, household items, etc. were collected for not only Mauricio and his family, but the community he would be living in.  Since the group had never met before, each individual did their own fundraising for the build and collected their own items.  

The entire group did not actually meet until they were at the boarding gates at the airport.  It was certainly a different feeling than travelling with 12-20 people whom you already knew.  We were all delighted to meet each other and we worked well together as a team.  

Upon arriving at our build site, Mauricio was delighted to see us.  His family was so excited to finally be getting their own home.   It would be the first time that his children would have their own rooms.  

So, not wasting any time, we moved concrete blocks, made rebar, laid brick, mixed concrete and began building walls.  It didn’t take long for our progress to show.  Our small little group made large progress in little time.  At the end of the ten day period, the outside walls were built, the interior walls were built, and a majority of the rest was also complete.  By day 14, basically the roof needed to be put on.  What a great feeling.  God provided us and we in turn provided Mauricio and his family with somewhere safe, dry and comfortable to live.