2014 Mission to Ticuantepe, Nicaragua

Our project for 2014 suffered several setbacks before we were able to make this mission trip work.  Our original project was put on hold by the Nicaraguan government, our PAN leader had to back out, and we lost three team members before things finally settle down.  Our project ended up leading us to the region of Ticuantepe in Nicaragua.  The plan was to build a community centre that would be used similar to the YMCA programs here in Canada.  There would be leaders on hand to provide after school homework support and others to lead activities.  

We met a great bunch of people there and learned what hard workers they are.  Victor, was one such person.  He was just a man in the neighbourhood that wanted to help.  So, he showed up every day to work alongside our team.  

Each afternoon, once school was out, we would lead activities and crafts for the children to join in.  They all seemed to enjoy themselves.  Our interpreter, Jonathan was amazing with the children and seemed to have more fun than anyone.

Our team put together clothing bags, with bibles and some food and did a barrio walk to hand out the donations.  

Our team consisted of:  Aileen, Bianca, Colin, Elizabeth, Emily A, Greg, Jennifer, Jill, Jim, Kim, Laura, Lawrie, Lindsay, Nichole and Rob.