Helping Others

Need Help??

Kn.E.C.T. helps people who are in need due to illness, family loss, physical or other challenges. We provide free help with major spring jobs such as raking, weeding, tilling, painting, rubbish removal, minor repairs and other projects. All work is done by a group of volunteers, who spend a day working together along with help welcomed from your family, friends and neighbours.

If you need help, or know someone who does, contact us. We will respond by meeting with the person, review the work to be done and if their project is selected, schedule a date for completion. On the work day, the group meets, bringing all the tools required to do the job and completes a maximum amount of work in a minimum amount of time while having fun and knecting with new friends.

If you think we can assist in any way, contact us.

Call the Church Office at 519-846-0680 and leave a message for Kn.E.C.T. or contact us via email at:



Help Us Help Others

Help with a fundraiser, a project or a mission or just help in general. There are many ways you can help. Can’t do any physical labour but would like to join us on a mission. Well, you can help with crafts and clothes. Here at home you could also help us to make pies. Don’t like to bake, then sell movie tickets for us. Don’t like movies, or just don’t have time? Why not donate items for our Apple Pie Bake Off. Gather raffle items for our Glen Jackson Memorial Golf Tournament or just simply tell people about us.  Help once, help twice, help a million times!!!!! We like getting help and we appreciate it.

You may also want to help in a small way with our local Help with Your Home projects. Why not simply provide lunch for the working members. We’ll tell you what we like and let you in on the Nicaraguan sandwich, Pringles and Coke secret.


How to Donate

Please send a cheque or money order clearly marked “Kn.E.C.T.” to:

KNECT c/o Knox Presbyterian Church,   55 Church Street,  Elora, Ontario, N0B 1S0

Be sure to include your name and mailing address. A receipt will be issued to you at the end of the year for donations over $20.00.

Remember to mark which project you would like to fund on your donation envelope.

Sponsor one of our Events

  • Maybe you like to golf. Why not sponsor a hole at our golf tournament. It’s great free advertising for you and it helps us cut our costs.
  • Are you a movie buff? Why not donate to our Family Day Movie. Help us by sponsoring us for the cost of the use of the theatre or buy tickets and donate them to those less fortunate.


Sponsor a  Local Project

Locally we are helping with The Door and Community Living.  You could also help us with our Help with your Home projects. Provide plants, flowers or paint to help spruce up someone’s home.

Sponsor a Member

Would you like to go on a mission but can’t? Why not sponsor a Kn.E.C.T. member. We have a few members who would like to go on an international mission but due to circumstances this is not possible. Please help them out.

Any donation made towards a Kn.E.C.T. member in the amount of $20.00 or more can be issued a tax receipt.

Contact us at  for more information on how to sponsor a member.

Buy a Pie

Helping can be as easy as buying an apple pie. In November during our Apple Pie Bake Off you can purchase an apple pie for $12.00. All money raised goes to our projects. If you don’t like apple pie then you can help us out by donating ingredients to make these apple pies.

It’s as easy as pie to help!

Help Us Help Internationally

Join us on our next international project.   If you don’t want to travel then help us out with all the little jobs that need completed prior to our travel date. Gather good used clothing and shoes. Collect a bundle of toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss or even craft and school supplies.  Or, sponsor our build.

Every little bit helps.

High School Students Community Service Hours

Complete your 40 hours of community service needed to graduate with us.

Contact us at by emailing



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