Fundraising Events

Kn.E.C.T. is continuously fundraising for our many projects. If you would like to help with a fundraiser or help sponsor one of our fundraisers, please contact us for more details.

The following is a list of Kn.E.C.T. fundraising projects:

Family Day Movie
Glen Jackson Memorial Golf Tournament
Apple Pie Bake Off

Family Day Movie

On Family Day, each year,  we show a family oriented movie.  Tickets are $10.00 each and proceeds go towards our local and international projects.  Movie starts at 11:00 am sharp.

We work in partnership with the Elora Gorge Cinema to host a private showing of a family movie. The proceeds raised from the ticket sales are given to Kn.E.C.T. for our local and international projects. Movies shown to date are The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Alvin and the Chipmunks , The Tales of Despereaux, The Princess and the Frog ,Tangled, Hugo, Wreck It Ralph, Paddington,  Mary Poppins and SING! Check out our calendar  for more information on other Knect events.

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Glen Jackson Memorial Golf Tournament

Golf anyone? Our annual Golf Tournament takes place in September. Join us for a game of golf; individually or as a team. Golf 18 holes, enjoy a steak dinner and participate in our raffles. If you’re a golfer this is a one day event you won’t want to miss. This year our golf tournament was held  on May 12th, 2018.  The winner’s of this year’s tournament was the “Alessio/Munoz” Team.  Congratulations!  A special thank you to the Beaverdale Golf Club in Cambridge for allowing us to host this fun event.


Apple Pie Bake Off

Apple Pie anyone? Are you an apple pie lover? Don’t like to bake or don’t have time to bake for the holidays. No Problem!!! Just let a Kn.E.C.T. member know that you would like some pies and we will provide. Every year we bake pies on the first Saturday in November. Last year we made a record 530 pies. The pies can be baked right away or put in the freezer for a later date. That makes it easy for those holiday visits. Take your pie along with you to your friends home. What friend doesn’t like a gift of dessert? Pies are $12.00 each (or 5 for $50.00) and proceeds of the pie sales go towards Kn.E.C.T. Projects. This year our pie day is November 3rd, 2018.  



Paint Night

KnECT recently held their first paint night.  It was a great success.  Well over $500.00 to our local and international projects was made.

We thank those who came out for your support.


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