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What We Do

Kn.E.C.T.  – (Knox Elora Care Team)  [pronounced connect]  provides support to people in need in the Centre Wellington area as well as internationally in Nicaragua and around the world.

How It All Started

During a vigil at Knox Church for the victims of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, Rev. Kees Vandermey asked if anyone would be interested in fundraising to help the victims.   Five people volunteered to help.  Those people were, Lawrie, Randi, Jennifer, Melissa and Aileen.

We collected money for food and water, medical or school supplies and soccer balls (to bring joy back into the children’s lives) and sent it to World Vision for the tsunami victims.

Our group was really excited about what had happened.  We decided we would join forces with the Pastoral Care Team of the Church.  The two groups met together as a larger group and decided that we both had similar goals in mind.  We all agreed to work together.  Our first step was to come up with a mission.  We needed to know that when we joined forces we would be contributing to important issues and making positive contributions to our community. The next step, give the group a better name.   Kn.E.C.T.  Meaning, Knox Elora Care Team was born. Basically, it was because of all the “Kn.E.C.T.ions”  made in the Church, with the group, and around the community.   The group was sold and Kn.E.C.T. was formed.

As a group we decided that we should continue with the work that the Pastoral Care Team had started, after all, they had just recently returned from Nicaragua where they built a Church.  This was perfect.  We would work together to do work in our community and if possible do international missions.

Our Members

Today, our group has grown to 48  members, Lawrie, Cindy, Bianca, Jim M., Jennifer, Ann,  Randi, Aileen, Melissa, Colin, Anne, Kees, Adam, Kim I., Nichole, Andrew, Paul, Joseph, Rose, Joan, Ken, Alan, Susan, Emily, Evan, Eric, Shelley, Jean,  Alix, Ben, Lindsay, Andrew B., Laura A., Emily, Mike, Luke, Suzanne, Vince, Carrie, Loretta, Bill, JoAnn N.,  and Donna M…. and the list goes on. Each help in their own way.

In Memory of: members who have passed away

Glen J.

The Kn.E.C.T. gang

Some of the Kn.E.C.T. team.

Join Us

If you are interested in the work we do, please join us.  ( We like everyone and we are a friendly bunch).  Contact the office at 519-846-0680 or email us at knectcares@gmail.com and let us know what you are interested in.

We love volunteers.


Knox Presbyterian Church, 55 Church Street East, Elora, Ontario.  We meet one Wednesday a month at 7:30p.m. in the Sunday School Hall.

Check out the calendar for our next meeting.




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